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Obesity and The Digital World

GLP-1 Weight loss medication

Obesity is and has been an issue millions of people are dealing with day to day. Many people have sought the one-stop-shop of weight loss surgeries such as bypasses, gastric banding, or gastric sleeves. These don't always work and unless you are working closely with a team of medical health professionals all the energy, time, and most importantly money you have spent will be for nothing. Many people instead of surgery go for other medical help such as medications. We all know by now the major brands circulating around now such as Saxenda, Wegovy, Zepbound, and any other GLP-1 drugs. These work! But only if continuously used and usually they become “forever” medications meaning the moment you stop the weight goes right back. 

T2DM brand medication related to Wegovy

I have seen many clients with concerns about weight loss and I wholeheartedly believe in a world fixated on technology it is important to use it in a way that incorporates that into an overall wellness plan. I often ask clients to complete food journals and for some people that looks like taking pictures of their foods, and inputting them into apps. This is a great way for Dietitians to get a keen insight into what a client is eating and how to best help. It is also a great way for a person even without a dietitian to check and review “Okay maybe on this day I could have had more vegetables during lunch”, or “I ate breakfast but I kept eating each hour after”.  Apps are also amazing in their ability to help control intake! Weight loss isn't simple but when broken down it's about energy in and energy out. When being able to track calories consumed it can help keep you on track and possibly make adjustments to help you lose weight while also feeling full and satisfied during the day. 

The inclusion of e-Health can aid in social support as well (1). Weight loss takes time and it's hard to keep motivated when you are alone or have a poor support system. So being able to have a social (media) group that you can talk to like minds is always a perfect inclusion to making meaningful and long-lasting habit changes. 


Additional Source: 

Kupila, S. K. E., Joki, A., Suojanen, L. U., & Pietiläinen, K. H. (2023). The Effectiveness of eHealth Interventions for Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Adults with Overweight or Obesity: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews. Current obesity reports, 12(3), 371–394.


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