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Providing Everything You Need

Culinary Skills

The background to all cooking or baking comes down to culinary skills. Understanding the different cutting methods, culinary tools, cooking methods and when to use them, food safety, and creativity/design around food. 

I will be able to provide in-depth physical culinary skills such as how to prep, execute, and plate your meals. Provide all the terminology in an easy-to-digest format that way when you read a recipe it will seem easy. Plus getting you to look into your fridge or freezer and think of a meal then make it delicious is a pretty good skill to show off.

Healthy Cooking

MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy)

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a key difference that makes a Registered Dietitian different from a nutritionist. RD’s provide MNT that includes intensive and focused nutrition-based therapy. Nutrition assessment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), care planning, and diagnosing. 

MNT is the basis on which all RD’s work and provide evidenced-based education and counseling. Working with me promises that all recommendations are backed by science; I read the literature and studies so you don't have to. If there is a new and emerging topic that you as the client know and I do not, rest assured I will do my research and get back to you with the data.


Customized Meal Planning

Planning out meals with some kind of template is usually standard. Introducing meal prepping when time during the week is short goes hand in hand with meal planning. Meal planning in general is when you figure out what you want / “should” eat during your normal eating times. 

Meal planning isn't about being strict and requirements of only having what's laid out. Much of the meal planning we will do is smaller and incremental to provide you with some ideas and timeframe for what meals can look like. It is ever-changing and evolving as you are. 

Chicken Breast

Goal Setting

Short-term goal setting is something we look at for the majority of our lives–this is what is right in front of us. Looking forward to about 1 year or less is where the short term ends. When thinking about the long term, it is anything later in life that you want and can be seen as an overall end goal. 

We will work on and set short-term goals at the end of each session that way it is clear and concise for what our target is. All the time we spend together will build up and each short-term goal is the pavement for that big and possibly scary long-term goal. While working together I will make sure that each short-term goal leads us to that long-term desire. You will be steered in the right direction and anytime you may fall off, I'll be there to pop that wheel right back!

Runner Crossing Finish Line

Diabetes Education

Diabetes usually comes in 3 forms; Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. In each of these cases, the body is struggling to remove the sugar from the blood from either a lack of Insulin or high insulin resistance. Type 1 is considered an autoimmune condition as the body attacks the pancreatic beta cells that produce the insulin. Type 2 is usually due to the body's inability to utilize or respond to insulin. Gestational diabetes is similar to type 2 but usually occurs during pregnancy and can impact the fetus if left untreated. 

Each of these conditions are managed with a team as the MD usually assists with ordering medication and modifying dosages and the RD will assist with education, carbohydrate counting, lifestyle modification, and medication recommendations. When working together we can work on getting you all the knowledge possible so then you are out on your normal day you have the tools ready.

Man Doing Blood Test

Intuitive Eating

Based on the 10 principle teachings from Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. These principles include rejecting the diet mentality, honoring hunger, making peace with food, challenging food ideals, discovering satisfaction factors, coping with emotions, respecting your body, and movement, and Honoring your health. 

When working with me, we can learn and grow your understanding of what it is to eat intuitively. This includes being able to see all food as something you can eat and enjoy without the guilt and shame you may otherwise experience, including multiple methods to get you feeling physically satisfied and emotionally happy with your relationship with food.

Woman Buying Kale

Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders

Disordered eating can be identified in multiple different ways and changes for each person. This can be stressing about food all day long, feeling like you should ever be “allowed” to eat something, or never eating enough to be satisfied in the hopes of losing some pounds. Eating disorders are diagnosed mental health conditions that can affect everyday life. Some of the more common EDs are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Binge eating disorder. 

In both cases, a personalized and deep-focus intervention is put into place to slowly get you back to a healthy understanding of food and your body. We will be working with a team of health professionals to ensure your safety and the longevity of the beneficial changes you will be making. It can be a long and difficult road but I ensure that I will become your cheer team and number one fan who makes sure you succeed or get back up again when or if something happens!

Sad on Couch

Health & Wellness

Wellness is the overarching concept of a well-rounded life. This can include physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, social and emotional. Your health is tied deeply to your overall wellness. As you nurture wellness, good physical and mental health follows. 

When working with me each area of your life is taken into account. As all things play a role in what you eat or how you eat. We will look at emotional state (possibly with the inclusion of a mental health counselor), social well-being, and physical health. Food can be the fuel and drive for living but it isn't the only thing to look at. No matter how “perfect” your diet may be, sometimes it's other areas in our lives that need the most attention. I believe when we work together to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses we can make the changes and improve in every area! 

Working Out with a Physio Ball
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